You’ve got a great idea

A great product has been developed within your company…
…and you want to stay ahead of your competitor.

We assist you with that. By applying for and granting a patent and by assisting your company if it is infringed.

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We understand how it works

Firstly, how the patent system works. Each of us now has between 10 and 20 years of experience with this. We understand how to apply it to your advantage. But also that for you it is a means and not an end in itself.

Second, how technology works. Because we are and will remain engineers, with a preference for mechanics, electrical engineering and life sciences. And with extensive experience in patenting inventions in the fields of sustainability, food processing and handling, agriculture, medical technology, automotive and artificial intelligence.

We are also entrepreneurs ourselves. We therefore also understand that you do not want to delve into legal provisions and that you expect us to take the lead in representing your interests.

We’ll make sure you know how it works

We don’t have to tell you anything about technology. But we know about the patent system that it comes across as complex if it’s not your core business. In our opinion, complex is not synonymous with incomprehensible. That is why we explain going through the patent granting processes on the basis of clear workflows. In all our communication we indicate where we stand and what the remaining steps are, with an estimate of time and costs.

Tolboom Valve – Inventor Theo Tolboom
Dough processing – Rademaker B.V.

About us

We run a modern company. We left office buildings behind to join forces in a virtual building that we call IP Maison. The name says it all, we are at home in intellectual property and even more specialized in patents. You will therefore not find us in one common physical location, but we use modern means of communication to communicate with you and with each other.

That way we are easily accessible. You will find our direct telephone numbers on our personal pages and we will be happy to schedule a video call appointment with you. Where this is desirable, for example to view an invention on location, we will make an appointment to visit you.


We do not only write patent applications, but also about patent-related matters. You can’t think of anything or there is a patent that relates to it. Below you will find links to our articles. They should be a lot easier to read than legal texts. Do you like them? Then we encourage you to follow us on linkedin!

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