Patent research

The patent database is a public source of knowledge. This knowledge can be used to gain insight into the patent positions of competitors and into the possibilities of patenting own inventions. In addition, this knowledge can be used to determine whether a product can be brought onto the market without hindrance.

We offer various research services to use the data from that patent database.

Novelty Search

In order to determine whether applying for a patent makes sense and to be able to draft the application as accurately as possible, it is important to have a good idea of ​​the so-called state of the art.

We offer the search for that state of the art and the determination of the specific distinguishing feature as a novelty search. In the first instance, we search the patent database for the existence of the invention and, if necessary, additionally on the internet.

Freedom to operate

In order to be able to market a product or service without hindrance, it must be ascertained whether there are no patent rights of third parties on the product or service in question. Such an investigation is called a freedom-to-operate investigation. Generally, this is an extensive assignment, because every aspect of the product or service can be checked for rights. At your discretion, the research may be limited to certain technical aspects, competitors and/or countries.

Patent monitor

In addition to an occasional search for a particular product or service, we can also periodically send an update for a particular search. Think, for example, of new patent publications with specific keywords or from a competitor. This allows you to keep track of developments in a certain area or of certain parties. The changes in the patent database can be a reason to give direction to product development or to contest the validity of the patents found.