This is Coen

Coen studied Biomedical Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology and obtained his PhD at the Department of Pediatrics at Maastricht University in the field of lung development in preterm infants.

He started his career as a patent attorney by setting up his own office. In addition to working for a growing number of SME clients, he has been associated with a high-tech multinational as IP Counsel for five years. He is co-founder and partner/owner of IP Maison.

Coen assists clients in developing an IP strategy in the broadest sense and building a patent portfolio and everything that comes with it. From applying for and defending patents to drawing up internal IP guidelines and IP Management for larger clients. He is also a member of the PR committee of the Association of Patent Attorneys.

Coen is an entrepreneur pur-sang. His pragmatism and solution-oriented approach are characteristic. His technical work area extends from life sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry and medical technology to mechanical engineering, robotics and software.

  • Scientific publications

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